Read WhatsApp Messages without activating the Read Receipt

When it gets to the world of social media ( whatsapp, facebook and the likes), we have different kinds of people and they are sited right in your contact list.

  1. The Broadcast Guys – This group consist of those that are always ready to post all messages to everyone without actually going through the message first.
  2. The people who read all messages on a group chat without input to the group.

Ways to Read WhasApp messages without the blue ticks

1.) Disable Read receipts from WhatsApp settings

The read receipt is the double ticks that turn blue when a message has been read. You can disable this in WhatsApp by following the steps below:

  • Goto Settings
  • Click on Account
  • Click on Privacy
  • Scroll down to the messaging section
  • De-select Read receipts

After doing this, if you read someones message, the icon won’t turn blue.

2.) Notification (Status) Bar

Another method is to pull down the status bar and read the message from the WhatsApp notification. This is very efficient if the message is a small one with few words.

3.) Disabling your Internet Access

This would have been the best idea but it will require you to go offline and then come back online when you are ready to reply the person.

4.) Home Screen Widget

This is the second most efficient method. How many of us know that WhatsApp has an home screen widget that can display all the messages without opening the application? I guess not many of us know that. This home screen widget displays the individual messages in full length. You can read all messages including the ones form your group and also see the person that sent it. When you are ready to reply, you can then click on the message and it will open up the shat for you. Hurray!

To add the Home screen widget, Go to your home screen and long click on an empty space. Then click on the widget option. Scroll until you have seen the WhatsApp home screen widget. Click and hold on the widget, then drag it to an empty screen. Make sure you expand the size to occupy the whole screen so as to see the messages properly. Or you can just resize it the way you want.

There guys is how you can read WhatsApp messages without activating the read receipt. If you are having any issues, feel free you mention it the comment section below.

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