How to Install Xampp on Linux Ubuntu 

​Need to install xampp run PHP Scripts or install and run CMS (Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PageCarton, and so on) on your Personal Computer (PC), one of the requirements is to install and run a Localhost (or a Web Server).

Note: This tutorial is for Linux Operating System Users.


So in this post will learn how to install a localhost or a local web server on your PC.

install xampp


  • Your Linux PC – For this tutorial I will be using Ubuntu Linux 16.04 
  • The localhost software – We will be installing Xampp 
  • Yourself 


Goto and download Xampp. Make sure the one you downloaded is for Linux (with .run extension)

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The next thing to do is to install it install xampp on your PC. Open up the Terminal. You can do this by press Ctrl+Alt+T OR Go to Applications Menu (DASH) and Search for Terminal.

Navigate to your Downloads folder in the terminal using the code below:

cd Downloads

then type the code below to run and install xampp:

sudo ./

enter your password and press enter.

Then the Xampp Installation windows comes up. All you have to do is to click next until the installation is done.

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