How to install .run files on Linux

​Need to install an application that is not located on the Ubuntu Software Center and on getting to the application website you were able to download a file with a .run extension, here is a detailed instruction on how to install it. 

Note: This tutorial is for Linux Operating System Users.


  • Your Linux PC – For this tutorial I will be using Ubuntu Linux 16.04 
  • The Application file you will be installing 
  • Yourself 

Install Apps on Linux

Install the app

  • Navigate to the folder in which the application file is located. There are two ways to do this:


  1. First – Open up the Terminal by typing Ctrl+Alt+T . Then navigate to the folder in which the application file is located. For example, if it was in your downloads folder type this: cd ~/Downloads or cd /home/your_username/file location
  2. Second – Open Files (Or your files manager), navigate to the file location, then right-click on an empty space (not on the file), then select “open in terminal”.

  • Then type the code below to run and install the application: 

sudo ./

enter your password and press enter.

Wait for the process to finish. If it says successfully installed, cool, you can start using the application now. Else, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

If this worked or didn’t work for you, let’s know in the comments below.


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