How to Hide Files/Folders on your Android

I think Smartphone is a general term. Sorry this post is actually For Android Smart Phone users but you can also try to hide files/folders on other Platforms to see if it works and Please don’t forget to send us your feedback in the comments section below…

Also, this post is not meant for you if you have nothing to hide. But our guess is that everyone has some “Private stuffs”. This post will show you how you can hide files and folder on your device.

Here are the steps to follow to hide files / folders:

…  First thing is to locate your file manager. I will recommend you download ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store

Es File Explorer

…Then locate the file or folder you will like to hide or if you have many files, you can move them all to a folder.

…Then long click on the file or folder to bring out the Options Menu and click on Rename.

…Now rename the file to what ever name you like but whatever the name or the new name is you will have to include a “full stop”  (“.”) at the the beginning. For example, “myfile.txt” will become “.myfile.txt“.

…Then save it.
You will notice that the file is no longer visible. To access the file, you will have to turn on the hidden file option in the Settings of your file manager.
Open ES File Explorer, swipe right from the left side of your screen, scroll down and click “Hide Files”.
To have your file(s) and folder(s) back to normal, you simply reverse the process.

NOTE: You can still use the file while it’s hidden so youdn’t have to Rename, Hide and go through the whole process every time you want to use the file. So all you have to do is disable the hide file settings and enable it back when done.
Here are some screenshots below:

Having trouble with this, use the comments section below…

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