How to manually Fix Shortcut Virus on your USB Flash Drive

Fix shortcut virus on flash drive

Hello, You happened to copy a lot of files including music, videos, applications and some other important things
from a friend before you traveled and these files were copied on your flash drive.
After you already settled down at home you decided to copy all the files you collected from your friend to your computer.
After inserting the flash drive and exploring the files, you discover that all files are shortcuts and this got you really worried.
Don’t worry too much, you can still get your files back. This is just a mere virus known as the Shortcut Virus
Let’s start:

You would have probably checked the files size of the shortcuts and noticed that they don’t correspond to what your flash drive says.

In the next few lines I will show you how to fix shortcut virus.
Attention: Do not try to open any of the shortcuts as they may install a Malware Program on your Computer.
If you have some important files on the flash drive, do not panic, be cool.
What you need to do now is to note down the Drive Letter of your Flash Drive e.g. “F:”
You can do this by Right-Clicking on the Flash Drive and then Click on Properties.
The Drive Letter is written under the circle that displays the capacity of the Drive OR look here:

Then open up your COMMAND PROMPT and type in the Drive Letter with a colon, for example, “F:”
Then type in this command attrib F:*.* /d /s -h -r -s “ without quotation marks. Wait for some seconds and your files should be right where they should be. You ca now go ahead and delete the shortcuts.

Note: If this doesn’t fix the problem, I recommend installing a Very Good ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE
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