How To Create A Bootable Media Of an .ISO file

How To Create A Bootable Media Of an .ISO file 

This tutorial is to show you how to create a bootable media drive of any .iso file

a: A USB Flash Drive/ Rewritable DVD{size=as required by the installation}
b: The .iso file that you will be using for the installation.
c: A Windows apllication called UltraISO.exe.

First thing is that you have to download UltraISO. You can either download the free version or the paid version at ultraiso download , but the free version works well.

The next is to install the UltraIso application.
After that, right-click your iso file and open it with UltraIso. If you have downloaded the free version you have to click on Continue to try.
In the Menu bar at the top click on Bootable then click on Write Disk Image.
Click on yes when the UAC appears.Then this comes up:
Select the approriate USB Device, then you click on write. Don’t forget to backup the contents of your flash drive because the process is going to format your flash drive and don’t forget
to choose the appropriate flash drive. NOTE:If you don’t have a flash drive
And if you were to be using a disk, click on Tools and then click Burn CD/DVD Image.

and then you should click on Burn to start the process.
Once its done, you can use the media for whatever you want to use it for.
Thank you for taking your time to read through.
Here is a video on the tutorial:
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