Enable Bluetooth Receive Functionality Linux

This post is for Linux Operating System. I just stumbled upon this while I was playing around in Nautilus File Explorer on Ubuntu.

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I have been using Linux Ubuntu for some years and I haven’t encountered this problem. I discovered this in Linux Ubuntu 16.04. For older versions, bluetooth file sharing works fine, easy to connect and add new devices, sending and receiving files and so on.

I noticed since the time I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 that sending files to my Personal Computer has been unsucessful. It failed on every attempt. And there is no notification on Ubuntu to show if the file was received. Every other thing works fine including using sharing Internet connection to PC from my phone.

I have tried installing the Bluetooth application from the Ubuntu Software center, still I was unable to receive files on my PC. But on one faithful day I figured it out.

To Enable Receive Files via Bluetooth, follow the steps below:
  • Open Nautilus (Nautilus is the default File Explorer on Ubuntu).
  • Go to the Home Folder
  • Click on the Public Folder – at the top of the window there will be dialog box the title Sharing.
  • At the extreme right, there is a box titled Preferences.
  • click on this button
  • Look for Receive Files in Download folder over Bluetooth and Enable.
  • Make sure to enable Notify about received files option, so as to get notifications when files are received.

Check out the Screen Shots Below:

Public folder in Home Directory



Receive files over Bluetooth

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  • February 3, 2020 at 8:32 pm

    Hi there, the Airtel social 300 naira stuff took me to your site, discovered you use Linux too. Our community is growing little by little


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