9Mobile 10gb data at #2000 Every Month

Good day readers.

You are probably here to find out how this is possible. Well, in this article, I will share with you how I use 10 gigabytes worth of data or more every month for just 2000 Naira or more.

Note: This is only for 9mobile users. Also, not everyone can benefit from this.

First thing to do is to confirm if you have ever received the message below from 9mobile.

If you didn’t find it, don’t worry, it doesn’t guarantee that it will work. But if you did, you are lucky.

How to:

Next is to recharge 200 naira airtime. And dial *929*10#.

If successful, the code above subscribes you to a 1 gigabytes data plan which lasts for 3 days.

9mobile data purchase

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If not successful, it means you are not eligible or you are probably low on airtime.

You might be wondering how this is supposed to last 30 days. The trick here is that you can always subscribe for 1 gigabytes every 3 days at 200 Naira only which is then equivalent to 10 gigabytes in 30 days for just 2000 Naira only. And you you always subscribe again if you use up the 1 gigabytes in 30 days.

If this has helped you or if not, please share so others might benefit

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